We have a range of resources and tools on offer to assist our tourism industry. The information is designed to provide practical advice to tourism operators and business and event managers, both new and established.


Australian Tourism Exchange 2022
Australian Tourism Exchange 2022



For Tourism Operators and Businesses

The SATC Brand Style Guide is the DNA of our visual identity, defining the look and feel of the SATC while creating consistent, on-brand content.

We have also developed a suite of supporting resources such as a Photography Style Guide (both generic and event specific), along with an AV Style Guide and Generic Copy Deck for tips and tricks on the SATC visual style and tone of voice.

For operators who are planning their own photoshoot, we have developed a Photography Checklist for Operators, which is very useful when planning your project. If you are interested in submitting professional images or video content for SA Media Gallery consideration, please refer to these style guides for inspiration.

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WOMADelaide 2018, Botanic Park, Adelaide Image Credit: Grant Hancock

There are many ways you can connect with us to benefit from our campaign activity, research, market data and more to grow your tourism business.

See the Working with the South Australian Tourism Commission checklist for suggestions.

The Tourism Business Support Framework guides tourism operators to the most appropriate government department and/or service provider for different areas of assistance. Areas include:

  • Learning about the industry
  • Starting up a business
  • Promoting your product
  • Refreshing your offering.

A handy glossary at the end of the document offers the relevant contact information.

The guide to leveraging SATC's domestic marketing activities provides advice for operators looking to capitalise on the SATC’s marketing to Australian audiences. Learn more about the state’s destination brand, discover how the SATC targets different markets, and importantly how your business can get involved.

Our National Markets campaign calendar is also an excellent planning tool for operators looking to take advantage of SATC partnership marketing activity. It is recommended that you contact the campaign partners directly and discuss your own marketing and awareness activities to leverage our reach.

If you are starting a new tourism business, the Getting started in tourism checklist will assist you to take some of the necessary steps to get established.

The what is commission fact sheet explains the benefits of incorporating a commission structure into your product pricing as a way to promote your business to new customers. Learn how to incorporate the right amount of commission in your prices and how much money you make if you pay commission on a sale.

The helpful Interactive tourism product pricing calculator tool assists businesses to calculate the market or gross price of their tourism product.

The tool assists businesses to set up a sustainable pricing structure by incorporating all fixed, variable, profit margin, average commission and GST costs into their product pricing.

Learn how to sell your tourism product to both domestic and international customers through the travel distribution system with the working with distribution partners guide.

The guide covers the role of local and inbound tour operators, retail travel agents and visitor information centres, wholesalers, and online travel agents. Learn how to choose the right distribution partner for your tourism offering, how to approach them and get the most out of your working relationship.

Businesses with commissionable products should prepare a rate sheet for each commission rate (e.g. wholesale, retail, etc.) and distribute to the relevant distribution partners who will on-sell your tourism product/s on your behalf. Ideally, rate sheets should be a single page of easy to read and important booking information, without any marketing jargon.  

Each of the examples available – AccommodationAttraction and Tour – feature a separate sheet for each proposed rate (inbound at 25%, wholesale at 20%, online at 15% and retail at 10%). When offering your rates to a partner, simply hand them a single sheet which shows the rate of commission you are willing to offer. See the What is commission fact sheet for more information and to learn how much commission you could expect to incorporate into your pricing structure.

Discover the importance of online booking functionality for tourism businesses and the efficiencies of booking management software through the online bookings and channel management guide.

A step by step guide, the Create an effective tourism package guide will assist you to plan your package and its inclusions based on the needs of your target market and plan targeted promotion to maximise sales.

Trade events are a forum to meet key distribution partners and develop or enhance business relationships. Check out our fact sheet to find out more.

The Tourism Export Toolkit (TExT) is an introductory guide to inbound tourism in Australia. This toolkit has been produced by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) in partnership with Tourism Australia, and the State and Territory Tourism Offices.

This toolkit contains a range of advice including how to:

  • Understand the travel distribution system and its rate structure,
  • Research international markets to establish who will use your products, and
  • Recognise the different travel styles of inbound travellers. 

The cruise industry in South Australia is a key economic driver for tourism in the state and there are many opportunities for tourism operators to make the most of this opportunity. 

Use the Attracting Cruise Shore Excursions checklist to learn about what is required to work with an inbound tour operator and be involved in a cruise line shore excursion program.

When it comes to alcohol, what can be taken on board? Are bottles of alcohol permitted? Does a corkage fee apply? The Cruise Line Alcohol Policies document outlines the alcohol policies of cruise lines that call into Port Adelaide to clarify what can and cannot be taken on board.

This Grant Writing Tips document has been prepared to assist tourism operators with preparing an expression of interest or grant application towards Federal and State funding programs.

For Event Organisers

When planning your next event or festival you will need the support of a number of stakeholders. We have compiled a list of useful contacts within South Australia to point you in the right direction

Local Government Association: find out who your local council representatives are

Office for Recreation and Sport: a wide range of South Australian sporting and recreational venues

Arts SA: for information on funding and additional networking opportunities for arts events

Regional Tourism Managers: find out more about the tourism landscape in your event’s region through the Regional Tourism Organisations

Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA): sign up for further training and networking opportunities, as well as the ability to further your event through accreditation, certification and award programs

For information and guidance about hosting a COVID-safe event, please visit our Events and Festival Support page.

An essential component of planning any event is documentation.

We have compiled some templates and guidelines to get you started:

Some other key documents to consider when planning for and defining an event are listed below. These documents should be structured in a way that all of the event organisation can read them and should be available for reference at all times.

  • Event budget
  • Project plan
  • Event manual
  • Post event reports

Useful Links

Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia and encouraging Australians to travel domestically, both for leisure and business events.

The organisation is active in around 30 key markets and activities include advertising, PR and media programs, trade shows and industry programs, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research.


Visit the other State Tourism Organisation (STO) corporate pages here:

South Australia’s 11 non-metropolitan tourism regions operate independently of the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). Please use the list below to visit the regional contact page and websites.

The Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA) is the peak body for South Australia's tourism industry.


Industry Resources and Tools

Access our full range of resources and tools such as fact sheets, guides and more.

Leveraging Satc's Domestic Marketing Activities

Find out how to leverage the SATC's domestic marketing activities.

Online Bookings and Channel Management

Customers want, and often expect, instant and online booking functionality.

Cruise Line Alcohol Policies

This document outlines the alcohol policies of cruise lines that call into Port Adelaide to clarify what can and cannot be taken on board.

Getting Started in Tourism

A business checklist for anyone starting a new tourism business

Create an Effective Tourism Package

Create an effective tourism package using this step-by-step guide

What is Commission?

This document outlines the importance of paying commission on sales

Rate Sheet Example - Accommodation

Develop your own accommodation rate sheet using this template

Rate Sheet Example - Attractions

Develop your own attractions rate sheet using this template

Rate Sheet Example - Tours

Develop your own tour rate sheet using this template

Interactive Pricing Calculator

Calculate the market or gross price of your tourism product using this interactive tool

Working With Distribution Partners

Learn how to sell your tourism product to both domestic and international customers through the travel distribution system.

Grant Writing Tips

Prepare an expression of interest or grant application for Federal and State funding programs

Attracting Cruise Shore Excursions

Use this checklist to find out what you need to do to be involved in a cruise shore excursion program

The Tourism Export Toolkit

An introductory guide to inbound tourism in Australia