The South Australian Visitor Economy

Released: March 2022

This fact sheet provides a snapshot of the South Australian Visitor Economy.

Top points from the report:

  • Total South Australian visitor expenditure for the year end December 2021, combining International and Domestic expenditure, came to $6.2 billion, down 24 per cent on the year-end December 2019.
  • Regional visitor expenditure (including international) came to $3.6 billion, up 1 per cent on the pre-COVID December 2019.
  • Adelaide expenditure when compared to pre-COVID December 2019 fell 44 per cent to $2.5 billion.
The Obelisk, Limestone Coast
The Obelisk, Limestone Coast

Value of Tourism


Released: Quarterly

This fact sheet includes top level information which provides a snapshot of South Australia's position in the market.

Read the domestic and international performance fact sheet here. 

Mount Barker, Adelaide Hills
Mount Barker, Adelaide Hills


  • South Australia attracted 6.1 million domestic overnight trips, down 25 per cent.
  • There were 22.6 million domestic nights in South Australia, a decline of 19 per cent on the previous year.
  • Total domestic expenditure in South Australia fell to $6.1 billion, down 11 per cent.
  • Day trips expenditure fell 2 per cent to $1.6 billion.


  • Visitation has fallen by 98 per cent to 10,000.
  • Expenditure has fallen by 97 per cent to $38 million.
  • Nights have fallen 96 per cent to 467,000.

Notes: For details of the NVS methodology changes in this release please refer to

  • What are the strategies for growing tourism in South Australia? Strategic Plans
  • How many international travellers visit South Australia, where do they come from and how much do they spend? International Performance
  • How many Australians visit South Australia, where do they come from and how much do they spend? Domestic Performance



The State Tourism Satellite Account provides measures of tourism gross domestic product, tourism gross value added, tourism trade and employment in tourism. 

Top points from the report

  • The results of the 2019-20 State Satellite Account represent only four months of the impacts of COVID travel restrictions and reflect the job keeper program. Therefore, minimal impacts on tourism employment are reflected in the results.
  • People employed directly in tourism in South Australia decreased 0.3% to 40,400 in the Year Ending June 2020.
  • The tourism industry indirectly employed an additional 19,200 bringing total employment to 59,500 which is 6.6% lower than the previous year.
  • The Goss Value Add of tourism in South Australia showed some declines from the impact of COVID with a direct value of $2.9b and an additional indirect value of $2.6b. These results represent 13.2% and 19.0% decreases from the previous year.

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South Australian Visitor Economy

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