South Australia has 12 tourism regions.

They include famous wine destinations such as the Barossa and Clare Valley to the most accessible outback in Australia, the Flinders Ranges. Each tourism region operates independently of the SATC.





The Adelaide metropolitan area is not covered by a regional tourism organisation. Key local councils have their own tourism staff and the SATC liaises with them. The State Government’s Vibrant City initiative includes a strong tourism focus and brings together key agencies and the City of Adelaide.


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Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills Tourism is the regional tourism organisation for the area. Its board includes representatives of its two funding councils, Adelaide Hills Council and the Mount Barker District Council, as well as tourism operators and industry bodies.


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Barossa Australia is a membership-based organisation responsible for tourism in the region. Its board draws on representation from the regional tourism, wine and food industries and local government.


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Clare Valley

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Yorke and Mid North coordinates industry based tourism initiatives for the region. With funding support from local councils it employs a regional tourism manager.


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Eyre Peninsula

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Eyre Peninsula drives tourism for the region. It employs a tourism development manager with funding support from 10 local councils.


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Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism is a regional tourism organisation. Its board comprises representatives of the tourism industry and the local councils which provide key funding support.


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Flinders Ranges and Outback

Flinders Ranges and Outback South Australia Tourism (FROSAT) is a regional tourism organisation. FROSAT works closely with RDA Far North which employs the region’s Tourism Development Manager.


Stokes Bay


Kangaroo Island

The Kangaroo Island Tourism Food Wine and Beverage Association is a membership-based regional tourism organisation. It employs the Island’s Regional Tourism Manager.


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Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast Local Government Association (LCLGA) hosts a regional tourism development program. As a regional subsidiary, the LCLGA represents its seven constituent councils. It employs the region’s tourism development manager.


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Murray River, Lakes & Coorong

Tourism for the Murray River, Lakes & Coorong is overseen by the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong Tourism Alliance regional tourism organisation. Its committee brings together tourism operators and representatives of the local councils which fund it.


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Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula Tourism is a regional tourism organisation. The region’s local councils provide funding support, and the Yorke Peninsula Tourism board is comprised of tourism industry and local government representatives.


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Destination Riverland is a regional tourism organisation. The region’s local councils provide the main funding support. Its board comprises members with tourism and other relevant experience and skills.