Eyre Peninsula

Regional Development Australia (RDA) - Eyre Peninsula drives tourism for the region. It employs a tourism development manager with funding support from the region’s local councils.

To find out more about the Eyre Peninsula, check out our consumer website, drop into a visitor information centre or contact:

Annabelle Hender
Tourism Development Manager
RDA Eyre Peninsula

5 Adelaide Place
Port Lincoln SA 5606
M: +61 423 778 242
E: annabelle.hender@rdaep.org.au 
W: eyrepeninsula.com


Baird Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Baird Bay, Eyre Peninsula




More information and how tourism is tracking in this region is provided in the documents below:

Value of Tourism - Eyre Peninsula

FACTSHEET: Tourism statistics for the region: Results for Year Ending March 2021 (released: November 2021).

Regional Profile - Eyre Peninsula

PROFILE: Results for Year Ending March 2021 - Released: September 2021

2025 SA Regional Visitor Strategy – Eyre Peninsula

Region-specific priorities outlined in the 2025 SA Regional Visitor Strategy

Regional Visitor Strategy progress snapshot – Eyre Peninsula

Region-specific outcomes aligned with the 2025 SA Regional Visitor Strategy.