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For 20 years, Superloop 500 Adelaide has held the crown as the largest motor racing event in Australia that draws huge audiences from South Australia, interstate and overseas.

Everything about supercars is big. The Fans. The Reach. The Entertainment. The Engagement. The Action. The Opportunities.

Key facts and figures

  • The Superloop Adelaide 500 is Australia’s largest domestic ticketed motor sport event.
  • It’s a local, national and international platform, with 6.492 million domestic viewers across the event in 2017 and a Facebook reach of 3.38 million people.
  • In 2017 the event welcomed more than 240,000 attendees, including over 23,500 visitors from interstate and overseas.
  • The 2017 event received 52 domestic broadcast hours across Channel Ten and Fox Sports.
  • Its international broadcast goes to 137 countries, with a reach of over 500 million homes.
  • It delivers four days of live motorsport coverage, with the largest offering of track categories in Australia.
  • The Superloop Adelaide 500 is a multiple winner of Best Event and Best Sporting Event at the National Tourism Awards.
Superloop Adelaide 500 2018 Web

Superloop Adelaide 500

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Web

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Every two years, for the past 30 years, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge has welcomed the greatest minds from around the world to Australia to challenge the norms and travel the outback in a vehicle powered only by the power of the sun.

Key facts and figures

  • The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is an internationally recognised event that celebrates engineering, technology, sustainability and innovation.
  • It offers a local, national and international platform and involves more than 1,500 participants with a global community reach of more than five million people across the world’s top universities.
  • The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge delivers more than 70,000 visitor nights nationally across the Northern Territory and South Australia, with over half of these in South Australia.
  • It generates more than $14 million in national economic benefit from visitor expenditure, and $41 million in national and global media coverage.

The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is the biggest and most magical pageant of its kind in the world.

Growth initiatives such as activations, public engagement, national media coverage, national TV promotion, education, and merchandising, have seen the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant continue to build and shape its legacy.

Key facts and figures

  • The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant celebrates 87 years in 2019. It offers unrivalled community contact tailored to specific company objectives.
  • Over 320,000 people attend the event each year on average.
  • The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is shown nationally on free-to-air TV, with brand integration opportunities as part of the broadcast.
  • Activation and retail spaces are available for public engagement, and there is an opportunity for branding on major items in the pageant.
  • The event maintains strong media partnerships with Channel 9, Nova and The Advertiser.
  • In 2016 PR value reached $17.35 million, with a potential audience reach of 49.3 million.
National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant

National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant

TDU Branding Cropped

Santos Tour Down Under

The Santos Tour Down Under is the multiple winner of Best Tourism Event and Best Sporting Event at the Australian Event Awards.

With 2018 commemorating 20 years of the Tour Down Under, it is sure to be the biggest most celebrated event in its history!

Key facts and figures

  • An international event and part of the top-tier UCI WorldTour which includes the grand tours of Italy, France and Spain.
  • This event offers a local, national and international platform that will increase brand awareness and connect with a high-value audience.
  • A crowd of 810,000 people attended in 2018, with 46,000 event specific visitors from interstate and overseas.
  • The economic impact of the 2018 Santos Tour Down Under was $63.7 million.
  • More than 27,500 items of media coverage with a potential reach of 558 million people were generated.
  • Reach through 29 hours of owned broadcast on the Nine Network was 4.1 million people in 2017.
  • Reach through the Santos Tour Down Under Facebook page was 6.1 million people in 2017.
  • The Adelaide City Council Tour Village is the largest cycling expo in Australia, with attendances of more than 50,000 people each year.
  • The Santos Tour Down Under is the multiple winner of Best Tourism Event and Best Sporting Event at the Australian Event Awards.

In 2018, Tasting Australia was another resounding success, with nearly 5,000 interstate and almost 3,000 international guests experiencing the leading South Australian festival.

Key facts and figures

  • Tasting Australia began in 1997 and became an annual festival in 2017. 
  • In 2018 the festival welcomed more than 54,000 people to its Town Square hub in the heart of Adelaide.
  • Its program featured more than 140 events across 10 days and 11 regions in South Australia.
  • In 2018 Tasting Australia’s guests included Rodolfo Guzman of Boragó, Chile (#42 in World’s 50 Best Restaurants), Christian Puglisi of Relæ, Copenhagen (#39 in World’s 50 Best Restaurants), Mehmet Gürs of Mikla, Turkey (#51 in World’s 50 Best Restaurants), Norbert Niederkofler of St Hubertus, Italy (three Michelin stars) and Carlo Mirarchi of Blanca, New York (two Michelin stars).
  • The event maintains strong media partnerships with Channel Seven and The Advertiser.
  • The PR value of the 2017 Tasting Australia event is estimated at $20.4 million with a total media item count of 1,400 and a potential reach of 88.93 million.

Tasting Australia 2017

Sponsorship offers a host of benefits. Here are some of the reasons it’s such a fast-growing area:

  • Constant access to the internet and video games mean consumers are paying less attention to traditional media. This is particularly the case in summer months and across the 18-39 age bracket. Sponsorship of lifestyle events and sports can link brands with consumers outside the reach of traditional media.
  • Sponsorship effectively provides a third party endorsement of sponsors’ products. It can also bring traditional campaigns to life in the consumer’s environment.
  • Consumer responses of trust, commitment and advocacy can be achieved through sponsorship. It goes beyond mediums such as television advertising to raise brand awareness and create emotional involvement.

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Infographic on Tour Down Under 2018 economic impact
Infographic on Tour Down Under 2018 economic impact