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International Performance

International Performance

Released: Quarterly

The latest report of international visitors to South Australia will provide a snapshot about Nights,Visits and Expenditure.

Top points from the report:
  • The highlight has been the rise in expenditure of 4 per cent to $1.15 billion. 
  • Visits to South Australia grew 4 per cent to 461,000.
  • Chinese expenditure grew to a record high $426 million, up 15 per cent for the year.
  • Expenditure from the United Kingdom rose 14 per cent to a record high $98 million above the 2020 target of $95 million.
  • Growth out of Europe, with visits up 4 per cent, nights up 14 per cent and expenditure up 13 per cent.
  • New Zealand has shown excellent growth with visits, up 9 per cent to 42,000.
September 2018 IVS
Results for Year Ending September 2018

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