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International Performance

International Performance

Released: Quarterly

The latest report of international visitors to South Australia will provide a snapshot about Nights,Visits and Expenditure.

Top points from the report:
  • Chinese visitation reached a record high 66,000, up 19 per cent for the year end June 2019.
  • China maintains its place as our number one market for visits, nights and expenditure.
  • Hong Kong has shown excellent results with visits, up 54 per cent, nights up four per cent and expenditure up eight per cent.
  • Singapore saw nights rise 56 per cent and expenditure rise 51 per cent to $54 million.
  • Total expenditure for Europe rose by four per cent to $231 million.
  • Overall Asia has seen visitation rise 19 per cent for the year end.
Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula
Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula

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