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Delgattie Estate

After seeing a gap in the luxury accommodation market in Mount Gambier, the Kosch Family opened Delgattie Estate in August 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.

Having lost over half of their market due to border closures and facing cancellations across the other properties in their portfolio, the Kosch Family were undeterred and used the lockdown of 2020 to complete the Delgattie Estate renovation.

This calculated risk paid off with the opening of Delgattie Estate further diversifying the Kosch Family’s offering. Employing 61 people across five properties including Delgattie Estate, the Kosch Family also took a proactive approach to HR and invested in their team to help them retain staff over the past two years.

Case Study


Discover how the Kosch Family tapped into the luxury accommodation market in Mount Gambier and were able to cater to pent-up demand from visitors once border closures and restrictions were lifted.