Help drive the promotion of your destinations and all that they have to offer.

South Australia has so many beautiful locations, products and hidden gems and we need your help to unearth them all and showcase them to the world.  

As a regional tourism organisation, visitor information centre, local council, or applicable industry body, you are eligible to receive increased access levels on the ATDW to support the promotion of the businesses, areas and regions you work with.  

This means by working together, our collective reach can be extended to ensure all tourism business, destinations and regions are being promoted via ATDW and as a result, we can collaboratively put South Australia's best tourism foot forward.

So, how can you help?

SATC have designed a range of resources to add to your day-to-day toolkits, helping to make the process of not only promoting the ATDW easier, but also the process of recruiting and retaining ATDW listings easier.

Firstly, make sure you have the correct access to help you help the businesses you work with.

If you believe the organisation you work for supports the tourism industry, either as an RTO/VIC, council or industry body, and requires a different access level, please email to identify the business and business operations to allow for individual assessment.


The ATDW is a national platform which works with tourism operators across Australia to connect their tourism offerings with destination marketing organisations and distributor websites.

Advocacy, promotion and educative support, in line with how the ATDW is promoted on a state and national level, means we can all be consistent in the way we’re discussing and promoting the ATDW to drive tourism business recruitment and retention.

As the organisations positioned on the ground in the heart of SA’s regions, you have the capability to help elevate the state and your destinations through promoting, educating and encouraging high quality use of the ATDW.

To help maintain effective, consistent and accurate communications, we've designed a Promoting the ATDW document which is available as a tool for you; industry and destination management organisations.


Specialty Category Guidelines & Videos

Destination management organisations and industry bodies can request access to additional categories to drive more informative and detailed promotion of non-commercial tourism offerings such as beaches and trails. Similar to commercial tourism offerings, each category has eligibility and content guidelines to help understand what information fits best, where.

  • Destination Information
  • Information Services
  • Journeys

Destination Information

Help showcase the drawcard locations in your area and regions by creating high quality ATDW listing for those destinations tourists love!

Tip: Please take the time to view to see if a destination listing already exists to avoid duplication. If you would like to take ownership of a destination location in your area/region, please email



Increasing the admin access from standard to a higher level is done by the SATC. If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements for increased access to ATDW, please email and answer the below questions: 

  1. Organisation name and ATDW account details.
  2. Nature of the business.
  3. Intent for having a greater level of access.

We will advise if you qualify for greater ATDW access and provide instructions on how to use the ATDW from there.

The SATC team are regularly in regions throughout the year hosting sessions on the ATDW and digital marketing. Upcoming information sessions can be found on the ATDW calendar. 

If you would like to request an ATDW & digital marketing information session, please email and answer the following questions.  

  1. Organisation name and purpose of business.
  2. Location of workshop.
  3. Purpose of workshop andtype of businesses being targeted. 
  4. Requested dates of workshop. 

We will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Tourism marketing organisations who wish to find out more about distributing ATDW information can contact the team at the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse at