Conditions of Application

  1. The SATC may at any time seek further information from you regarding your application, but need not make the same request of all applicants. This may include but is not limited to: 
    • requests for additional information; and
    • other responses or additional information as required. 
  2.  No legal relationship will exist between you and the SATC unless the SATC notifies you that your application has been successful.
  3. You participate in this application process at your own risk.
  4. You are responsible for the cost of preparing and submitting your application and all other costs arising from this application process.
  5. The SATC is not obliged to accept any or all applications.
  6. You must comply with all laws in force in South Australia applicable to this application process.
  7. The SATC may in its absolute discretion: 
    • take into account any relevant consideration when evaluating applications; 
    • suspend in part or whole, vary or abandon this application process at any time; and 
    • make enquiries of any person or entity to obtain information about you (including but not limited to referees (if any)). 
  8. All applications submitted in response to the SATC’s invitation become the property of the SATC. You submit your application on the basis that the SATC may use, retain, and copy the information contained in your application for purposes related to the Mid Murray River Tourism Business Support Program, including to identify, refine and cost projects, and develop any aspect of a project. The SATC may disclose all or part of your application to a third party for the purposes above. Nothing in this clause 8 affects the ownership of the intellectual property in the information contained in your application.