Rise up for Our River meant people travelled really quickly… we went from having no bookings to being fully booked every weekend.





Coorong.Life is an off-grid pod, which aims to give guests a unique experience to enjoy something out of ordinary life. 

Thanks to the River Revival Voucher program, the sustainable accommodation went from no bookings during the usually busy summer period in 2022/23 to being fully booked through until the end of the following June as the incentive encouraged people to book and travel immediately. 

As the Murray River regions continue to recover, Kate shares the incredible opportunity visitors have to be immersed in thriving nature and wildlife unlike anywhere else – especially in winter. 

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Coorong.Life is far from a traditional hotel stay, but far from everything is exactly where you need to be. This is a space where you can get back to nature and explore what makes you ‘you’. A creative sanctuary where dreams can be realised, love can flourish, and souls can rejuvenate. 


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