Leverage the ATDW & Digital Marketing Opportunities to promote your business

Having a well written, high quality ATDW listing with amazing images of your offering will help us to help you promote your business far and wide.

We conduct a range of marketing activities to promote South Australia and showcase the diverse range of tourism products to key markets around the world.  

The ATDW is one of the ways we find out about tourism offerings to include in our domestic and international marketing campaigns, so it’s important that they stand out from the crowd

Tourism operators and businesses can help us position South Australia as a curious place that rewards travellers' wonder by enhancing their ATDW listings. High quality listings make use of compelling content, capitalise on additional ATDW functionalities, and use digital marketing and optimisation techniques and strategies.

Want to find out more? Read on below to discover ways to enhance your digital skill set and discover further digital marketing resources and opportunities to help promote your business. You can also register and attend any of the digital marketing information session.


As a tourism business, having an ATDW listing is great start, but there’s more that can be done to build presence through thoughtful consideration of the consumer journey, content enhancement and online conversion.



The consumer journey encompasses three main phases: pre, during and post service. It’s important to consider how the role of digital marketing can support conversion rate from researching right through to word-of-mouth recommendations.

Here's a few things to consider:

Pre Experience 
- How are people finding out about your business? 
- Have you completed your Google My Business listing?
- Are you on social media?
- Are you engaging in any paid media ads? Such as Google search ads?
- Are you online bookable so consumers can book with you 24/7?
- Is it your website consumer friendly? Meaning guests can easily what they need when they need it (like the booking button)?

During Experience
- Are there opportunities for people to stop, relax and take in the whole experience?
- Are there opportunities to take photos during the experience, maybe even a hero image that you become known for?

Post Experience
- Are you reconnecting with those customers post experience?
- Are you encouraging them to leave a review online or post to social media to inspire others?


Further help is around the corner, or in your next online course or video - and better yet, it's free! Google, Facebook, and other providers make it very easy to help small business owners use their platforms for effective, efficient and most importantly, simple marketing. Have a question that you're not sure about, or want to know more about how to set up a Facebook ad, find something in Google Analytics, or set up a YouTube Account? Look no further.



Unsure how to check your website traffic? Need to find out how to set-up paid search ads? Want to know how to set up a YouTube account?
Google Digital Garage has free courses, online videos, and support to help you learn how to use Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube and more.


Business SA has released a 'Digital Ready Assessment Tool' which allows businesses to understand their digital maturity.

Marked across 7 key pillars of digital transformation, you can assess where you businesses maturity currently sits, to help inform you on where to go next and how to improve. 


With the growing trend of consumers caring more deeply about the impacts of their purchases on the environment, hotel owners can now highlight their sustainability practices on their Google My Business listings. 

You'll be able to add the hotels sustainability practices across four categories: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction and sustainable sourcing. 

To learn more about how to add a sustainable leaf to your hotels Google My Business listing, read further details provided by Google My Business

ATDW has partnered with Google to enable you to link your Google My Business listing and ATDW profile.

The functionality allows automatic updates to your Google My Business (GMB) listing when you make changes to your linked ATDW Profile. It also allows you to view valuable Google generated statistics and insights from your ATDW account.

To learn more about linking your GMB and ATDW listings, visit the ATDWs GMB help page

southaustralia.com has recently integrated the display of business opening times on product pages, to help consumers know when you're open and operating.

It is recommended to take advantage of this feature by adding opening hours in 24-hour time in the opening hours fields within your ATDW listing.