03 Jun 2020

Online COVID-19 Awareness Training for tourism and hospitality sector

3 JUN 2020
3 JUN 2020

A new free online training program has launched to help the state’s $8.1 Billion tourism and hospitality sector rebound post COVID-19.

The 30-minute online course is designed to give employees and business owners in the tourism and hospitality sector the basics needed to prevent and control the spread of infection – as well as give customers a COVID-clean confidence.

Developed by the South Australian Tourism Commission, in partnership with South Australian-owned business Health Safety Environment Australia (HSE Australia), the COVID-19 Awareness Training course offers a step-by-step process to help minimise risk and ensure appropriate cleaning practices are in place.

SATC chief executive Rodney Harrex said the strong feedback from the tourism and hospitality sector was that staff wanted to learn more about how to stop the spread of the virus in their workplaces, and to ensure customers were not put at risk.

“We know that businesses are champing at the bit to welcome back customers, but that they also want to do the right thing and make sure they know what their obligations are,” Mr Harrex said.

“Businesses can use the course as a quick way to bring their staff up to speed, and step them through the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

“It will give an assurance to customers that the appropriate cleaning measures are in place, and help kick-start the sector with confidence.

“This is an important piece of the post-COVID recovery program, because no one wants to see us undo all the good work.”

The Australian Hotels Association chief executive Ian Horne welcomed the training package, saying it provided a simple and concise overview of current best practice.

“The sector has faced many challenges lately, so to have this package available is a great way to get operators up and running, and give patrons confidence to return and kickstart the economy faster,” he said.

Consumer behaviour is also changing with the latest results from the Consumer Demand Project (CDP), run annually by Tourism Australia, highlighting that safety has increased in importance for destination choice for travellers, with a “safe and secure destination” rated as important by 55% of people.

HSE Australia managing director Rodney Fox said he was delighted to work with the SATC on delivering the program for South Australians.

“Access to the free course is a very significant step for operators as they plan ahead, and start to ramp up their operations,” he said.

“It talks through the prevention measures, cleaning requirements and what steps we all need to take, and will be a very handy resource for SA as we rebuild our tourism economy.”

Participants and businesses can print out a certificate of successful completion, and use it in marketing and promotional material.

Access the free 30-minute training course via the COVID-19 page on tourism.sa.gov.au here.