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What is the ATDW?

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information. You can easily create a listing for your accommodation, event, food and drink offering, and more, for free! These then appear on our consumer website, and other tourism websites.

For further details on how to get started, download our ATDW information sheet, check out the FAQs below or watch this introduction video. You can also watch a video specifically for tourism operators here.

The SATC will host ATDW information sessions throughout the year. Visit our Industry Events page for more information.

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) video

Getting started with ATDW

How ATDW Works gets over 1 million visits a year



Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA)

TXA helps operators with an online booking system to connect with online travel agents and websites. Operators who have a connection with TXA can also take online bookings through our consumer website, To find out more click here.

The Lane
The Lane, Adelaide Hills

ATDW Documents

Check out our ATDW documents below.

  • ATDW Guidelines - Tours

    ATDW listing guidelines for tours.

    (1.05 MB)

    download view
  • ATDW Guidelines - Accommodation

    ATDW listing guidelines for accommodation.

    (3.02 MB)

    download view
  • ATDW Guidelines - Food and Drink

    ATDW listing guidelines for food and drink.

    (4.44 MB)

    download view
  • ATDW Guidelines - Attractions

    ATDW listing guidelines for attractions.

    (2.38 MB)

    download view
  • ATDW fact sheet

    Our ATDW fact sheet will help you get started on your ATDW listing.

    (0.06 MB)

    download view