Wellness tourism in South Australia

Wellness Tourism has real growth potential for South Australia. It is identified in the Regional Visitor Strategy 2025 as a regional experience development priority, with the Adelaide Hills positioning itself as a wellness hub for our state.

In a nutshell, Wellness Tourism is defined as travel for the purpose and pursuit of maintaining and enhancing one’s personal health and wellbeing.

It can include everything from going to a day spa, to taking a yoga class to voluntourism such as working on a vegetation restoration project or animal welfare support.

Our vision is for South Australia to be a world-leading Wellness Tourism destination. Our aim is to establish new Wellness Tourism products and experiences for both Primary (those who travel with the main aim of fulfilling their wellness needs) and Secondary (those who travel and incorporate a wellness experience or activity into their leisure or business trip) Wellness Travellers.


Key resources

Coward Springs Campground, Flinders Ranges & Outback

South Australian Tourism Commission Wellness Tourism Action Plan 2025

Focus: Growing Wellness Tourism in South Australia
Released: 2021

To guide our work in growing Wellness Tourism in this state, we have developed a Wellness Tourism Action Plan 2025 which outlines our vision for our state to be a world-leading wellness tourism destination and the areas we will focus on to make this a reality.

Jurlique Farms, Adelaide Hills

Wellness Tourism Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides further information and key stakeholder contacts to operators who are interested in working in the Wellness Tourism space.