Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism protects Australia’s and our state's unique natural and cultural assets. 

Sustainability is essential to the future success of every tourism business and to the sector itself. It is about balancing economic, social and environmental factors to achieve long-term success.

To find out more about sustainability and making your tourism business more sustainable, check out the resources below.


Key resources

  • AUSTRADE sustainability framework and toolkit
  • TICSA Quality Tourism Business Accreditation
  • TICSA EcoStar Accreditation
  • EcoTourism Australia Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard
  • Your guide to effective sustainable storytelling
  • The Aussie Travel Code
  • Sustainable travel in South Australia

AUSTRADE sustainability framework and toolkit

The Australian Government, in conjunction with the states and territories has released the Sustainable Tourism Toolkit.

This free resource is a ‘how-to’ guide providing practical, easy-to-understand information for tourism businesses to implement sustainable practices.