Finding your brand personality and sharing it with the world

Every major brand – from QANTAS to Nike and Google to AirBnB – has a recognisable voice, tone and personality that is evident across their marketing efforts.

The way they portray themselves to the world doesn't differ from one channel to another, but rather complements their efforts in sharing a piece of their personality, allowing consumers to be inspired, understand and connect with the brand on deeper levels.

This is particularly important because we know it's all about building trust, credibility, relationships and deepening connections to help foster loyalty (and create return customers). 

To help get you started, explore some of the useful foundational guides on all things writing and social media so you can start communicating who you are, and what you are about, to your customer.


When it comes to helping tell your brand story and talking about your business to share your message and drive action, it means you need to write with purpose.

In basic terms, it's just a matter of ensuring we're writing for the right customers, at the right time and on the right platforms. 

So when it comes to understanding this, our guide on 'the basics of content and copy writing' will come in handy! 



It can be tricky to navigate the world of social media, from trying to understand which platforms are best for your business to what's UGC and how do I use it?

For a 101 run down on Social Media, download our guide or if you're looking for a quick refresher, check out the golden rules of social media