24 Aug 2021

South Australia's tourism industry call to arms – roll up to open up

Roll up to open up
Roll up to open up

Workers across the state’s tourism industry are urging all South Australians who are eligible to get vaccinated to help them stay in jobs, get borders back open and get life back on track. 

The South Australian Tourism Commission is backing the call in a new push to implore all South Australians who can, to “roll up to open up” – supporting the tens of thousands of workers across the state’s tourism industry who have lost hours, lost pay and lost hope for holidaying in 2021. 

Research from Tourism and Transport Forum Australia highlights a multi-billion-dollar hit is being felt by the Australian tourism industry in the wake of lockdowns and border restrictions.

Tourism Australia is encouraging Australians to get vaccinated as their “best shot for travel” and now, South Australia’s tourism sectors are highlighting the improved way of life that increased vaccination rates will bring: travel agents pleading to “roll it up to holiday it up”, restaurateurs to “roll up to fill up”, bartenders to “roll up to stand up”, tour operators to “roll up to live it up” and event organisers to “roll up to party it up”.

“From chefs to cleaners, pilots to bartenders, travel agents to performers, COVID has created so much uncertainty for so many people – lost shifts, lost bookings, lost holidays and missed events. It’s very clear that there really is only one way to break through this,” said SATC chief executive Rodney Harrex.  

“We’ve heard that the only way we can move out of restrictions and out of the pandemic is to hit the national vaccination target of around 80 per cent of Australians over 16. With so much disruption to business and borders over the past 18 months, we all have to do our bit.

“We know interstate and international travel will continue to be impacted until we hit that target, so to help get restrictions down, venue capacities up, planes in the sky and events firmly on – it’s never been more important to roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated.

“Do it for yourself, for your loved ones and for the thousands of South Australians employed in our state’s once $8.1 Billion tourism industry.”

Workers ‘on the frontline’ of SA’s tourism industry say:

2KW Bar & Restaurant – bartender, Emmy Thomson: "Getting ‘vaxxed’ was a no brainer. I love working in hospitality and I am committed to safeguarding my future and I think I speak on behalf of all young people, we hope the vaccine is our gateway to freedom."

Adelaide Oval RoofClimb – Scott Bray: “The upside to having as many people vaccinated as possible extends well beyond protecting people’s health and wellbeing. Vaccines have the power to remove so much uncertainty for all of us and I can’t wait for a time when we can make having fun and enjoying great experiences such as RoofClimb the priority again.”

Phil Hoffmann Travel – Glenelg retail assistant manager, Erin Nash: “In the last 18 months, my colleagues and I have endured reduced hours and salary, forced to obtain second and third jobs to get by. We have painfully watched an industry we are so passionate about; an industry that brings people and cultures together, be crippled by this terrible disease. We call on all South Australians to roll up their sleeves, not only to protect our community and loved ones, but to help restore the industries that have suffered the most, and re-connect the world.”

Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets – reservations manager, Angela Sleep: “It’s been tricky for months, having shifts cut as hotel bookings are cancelled due to border restrictions or lockdowns. We opened a brand-new hotel in the middle of a pandemic, so it’s been quite a difficult time for our staff but we are all staying positive. More people getting vaccinated means more people can travel – that’s what we really need right now.”

Jennie Bell Ink Events – director, Jennie Bell: “The events sector has been dramatically affected – often cancelled at the last minute, which has a huge impact on so many businesses. However, South Australians love hosting and attending ‘live’ events, and overwhelmingly we find that everyone is keen to do whatever is needed to bring ‘live’ events back! We are confident that when everyone is vaccinated, events will be back in full force, and we can enjoy all the creative, social and financial benefits that events bring to the state.”

Fishbank – head chef, Beth Patterson: “The more South Australian's vaccinated, the less risk Covid-19 poses to the future of our beloved, local hospitality industry. I urge South Australians to do their bit, so we can continue to do our jobs.”

For more information and to book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, go to covidvaccine.sa.gov.au.