19 Jan 2020

South Australia Rallies To #BookThemOut

19 JAN 2020
19 JAN 2020

The South Australian Tourism Commission has today launched a recovery campaign for the regions devastated by bushfires in South Australia.

The campaign, “Help them out, #BookThemOut”, focuses on encouraging tourists to visit the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island to boost bookings and reinvigorate the local economies by spending monies in the regions affected.

Working in partnership with industry, the campaign is designed to encourage people locally, as well as those interstate, to travel (‘book out’) the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island for a holiday, short stay or experience – an integral part of the long-term recovery strategy.

SATC Chief Executive Rodney Harrex said tourism across the country has taken a hit by recent events, and this campaign is an important immediate step forward in the sector’s long-term recovery.

“Help them out, #BookThemOut is a strong message that the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island remain amazing, unique holiday destinations with incredible consumer experiences, and these regions need tourism to thrive and survive. Tourists can play a big part in helping these regions get back on their feet by sharing their experiences on social networks,” he said.

“Tourism and visitation play such a vital role in these regions. It’s now more important than ever that people travel to the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island to engage with the local producers, growers, and tourism operators to support them and help them recover.”

The campaign is being launched across TV, press and outdoor, as well as digital and social media platforms, with a large part of the campaign driven through social, user generated content and PR. Watch the first ad here.

For more information and how you can share this message, visit southaustralia.com.