14 Mar 2022

New campaign to attract Kiwis to South Australia

A new marketing campaign aims to attract Kiwis to the original and unexpected experiences on offer in South Australia.

South Australian Tourism Commission chief executive Rodney Harrex said the SATC's campaign research shows that New Zealand travellers are looking for new and different travel experiences, and South Australia is in a prime position to deliver on this.

“Off the back of consistent investment in the market, consideration for a South Australian holiday is at its highest point in five years, and we’re excited to continue that momentum with the launch of this campaign which specifically targets Kiwis and works with our NZ trade partners,” he said.

The new campaign 'Sometimes I wonder' will roll-out across three phases and feature unique and curious experiences found across the State, all while promoting how easy and accessible it is to discover. From swimming with giant cuttlefish, to shimmering pink lakes and gardens that grow underground.

“In South Australia we reward curious hearts – the more you search, the more you will unearth. With over 200 cellar doors to try, a labyrinth of hidden bars and city laneways to get lost in, and wildlife just waiting to make your acquaintance – Kiwis are invited to reward their wonder in South Australia.”

Air New Zealand will re-commence non-stop services between Auckland and Adelaide from 6 July 2022.

View the TVC or visit southaustralia.co.nz for more information about SA tailored to New Zealand travel consumers.