06 Sep 2019

Driving Owned Social Media Traffic Direct to Tourism Operators

06 SEP 2019
06 SEP 2019

South Australia’s 2018-19 social media strategy focused on driving its global reach and engagement to generate commercial outcomes for the state’s tourism industry. The primary objective to drive owned social media traffic to southaustralia.com saw a record increase in site visits of 39.4% to 148,000 and an increase of 741% in Australian Tourism Data Warehouse leads.

Bi-weekly Instagram Stories were introduced which generated a total number of 20 million views. These stories focussed on showcasing a first-hand experience of a tourism operator, region or event. From this reach, 324,950 clicks were recorded to a tourism operator’s Instagram account from their business @handle featured within the story. This exposure helped grow tourism operator’s Instagram accounts as well as connecting consumers to tourism businesses in South Australia.

To find out more, check out our infographic below.