20 Jul 2020

A great state, you have to see to believe

20 JUL 2020
20 JUL 2020

South Australia’s tourism efforts ramp up with the launch of two new marketing campaigns to get travellers on the move – both within, and to, the state.  

Following the South Australian Tourism Commission’s highly successful Welcome Back campaign, the new ‘A Great State to Be In’ intrastate campaign celebrates the great state that South Australia is – and is in.

And, as the first interstate campaign to actively drive visitors to the state since the pandemic reached Australian shores, the ‘You Have To See It To Believe It’ campaign showcases the incredible and curious things to see and do in South Australia to entice visitors from those interstate markets which have unrestricted travel.

South Australian Tourism Commission chief executive Rodney Harrex said the new campaigns run on the momentum of Welcome Back and come at a time when regional tourism is driving the visitor economy.

“The response to our Welcome Back campaign has been incredible, as South Australians voted with their feet and hip-pockets in what was a strong post COVID tourism breakout, and interstate interest in our website, southaustralia.com, was at an all-time high,” said Mr Harrex.

“Our ‘A Great State to Be In’ campaign celebrates the wonderful opportunity that South Australians have to be able to get out and continue to discover our great state, as uncertainty around the easing of border restrictions continues.

“Where state borders are unrestricted, for Queensland and the Northern Territory, as well as for markets like Western Australia which will be important for the self-drive market, we’re enticing visitors with a strong call-to-action to come see South Australia as they look to overseas holiday alternatives.”

The two campaigns debuted on South Australian and Queenslander television screens on Sunday 19 July, and will also run across outdoor, social and digital platforms in these markets. In WA and NT, the campaign will run across digital platforms.    

“At a time when regional tourism is driving the state’s $7.8 billion visitor economy and states are jockeying for position to seize the domestic tourism opportunity, we’re working to make the most of those markets which are open to us, to direct people and dollars into the 18,000 tourism businesses across South Australia,” said Mr Harrex.

Queenslanders, Territorians and West Australians spent a combined $700 million on South Australian holidays in the year ending March 2020, and make up nearly one-third of the state’s interstate market.

Watch the new intrastate campaign A Great State To Be In TVC and see southaustralia.com/campaigns/great-state for travel inspiration and itineraries.

Watch the new interstate campaign You Have To See It To Believe It TVC and check out southaustralia.com/campaigns/see-it-to-believe-it for more.