Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel

Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel is one of the country’s longest-running eating and drinking festivals. Celebration and collaboration of people, produce and place lie at the heart of its existence. 

It brings international and Australian talent together with local heroes, taking the best of South Australia to the world through innovative, creative and thought-provoking programming and unique culinary tourism experiences.

Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel is led by co-festival directors Darren Robertson and Karena Armstrong, alongside food curator Emma McCaskill and drinks curators Meira Harel and Banjo Harris Plane. 

In 2023, Tasting Australia welcomed more than 68,000 people to its Town Square hub in the heart of Adelaide in Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga. 

In addition to Town Square, the festival spanned all 12 South Australian regions with over 150 events held across the state, supporting more than 250 local businesses.