Social Media Terms of Use

The South Australian Tourism Commission (“SATC”) reserves the right to amend, remove, hide or block any content that does not comply with our social media terms of use as set out on this page (“Social Media Terms of Use”), in its absolute discretion. 

This includes comments, replies or direct messages that: 

  • are discriminatory offensive, defamatory or protest material  
  • contain hate speech or profanity 
  • incites violence  
  • use prejudicial, racist or inflammatory language 
  • are considered spam comments/messages/links from individuals or groups, such as the same comment posted repeatedly across multiple posts 
  • contain nudity, offensive, graphic or sensitive imagery including in profile pictures 
  • abuse, harass or threaten others 
  • defame a person, people, or organisation 
  • contain personal information (including identifying information, email addresses, phone numbers or private addresses)
  • contain or promote the spread of false information, or falsely represent another individual, organisation, government or entity. 

Please help us to keep our page a friendly, informative and welcome space for everyone. We kindly request that you show courtesy and respect to fellow users.  

The SATC welcomes feedback, comments and questions from our followers. We use best endeavours to read all comments, replies and direct messages, respond where we can help, and ensure that any emerging themes are forwarded to the relevant people in the organisation. 

Please note that: 

  • The SATC does not engage on issues of State or Federal politics.  
  • Content posted by members of the public or organisations do not represent the views of SATC. 
  • While the SATC makes reasonable efforts to monitor and/or moderate content on its social media platforms, we cannot always respond in real-time. The SATC may elect to disable comments on its social media posts at any time if there are resourcing constraints that prevent monitoring capability. This includes implementing restrictions on monitoring outside of business hours and on public holidays at any time in SATC’s absolute and unfettered discretion. 
  • Any repeated and persistent inappropriate use of the SATC’s social media platforms may lead to the user being blocked from the relevant platforms, and/or reported to the platform’s administrator for breach of their terms of use. 

The SATC makes no claims or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the contents on its social media platforms and disclaims any liability for errors or omissions in any content posted by it.  

By following or posting to the SATC’s social media accounts, including comments or messages, you are agreeing to adhering to our Social Media Terms of Use.