To prepare and deliver the expectations of the China market, it is essential we understand the current Chinese visitor and likely changes in travel patterns that will occur over the next five years. In partnership with Fastrak Asian Solutions, we have produced a report and developed a series of guidelines, fact sheets and videos to assist our industry partners in Understanding China. 


In August 2016, Mr Richard Beere, Managing Director at Fastrak Asian Solutions presented his report ‘Delivering Quality South Australian Experiences and Infrastructure for the Chinese Visitor’ that includes an assessment of the South Australian industry and a Development Plan with recommendations for our industry to consider.

This presentation outlines the details of the project that Richard undertook to create a framework for tourism operators to better understand and deliver to the expectations of the Chinese visitor.

Key Deliverables of this project included:  

  • A general Visitor Economy Overview Assessment for South Australia including guidelines
  • A Development Plan for South Australian tourism operators and product assessment tools 
  • Service Delivery Guidelines (fact sheets) for individual tourism products and industry stakeholders

Richard’s full report – Delivering Quality South Australian Experiences and Infrastructure for Chinese Visitors – is available for download below.


We hosted a complimentary Understanding WeChat and UnionPay workshop aimed at introducing the industry to WeChat and providing helpful information on how the tourism industry can get involved. Videos of each presentation at the workshop are available to view here.

How To Be Involved on WeChat
If you are not already featured on SATC’s WeChat account and feel your product is appropriate and ready for the China market, submit your content by downloading this form and email to Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed.

Download the SATC WeChat QR Code

We encourage our operators to use the state’s WeChat QR code on all marketing collateral. Whether it’s on your website, email signature, brochure or the side of your tour bus, the more people visiting our WeChat platform the better for tourism. Download the QR code here.


We have produced a range of guidelines and fact sheets that are available for download.

Chinese Glossary - Translation of SA Place Names

A Chinese translation of South Australian place names.

Report - Delivering Quality South Australian Experiences and Infrastructure for Chinese Visitors

South Australia has been experiencing rapid growth in Chinese visitors over the last five years.

Fact Sheet - Website

WeChat is a combination of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Uber, Amazon, Venom and much more.

Fact Sheet - Union Pay

UnionPay is the world’s largest card payment network by number of cards. It’s the card payment most Chinese carry and more than 85% of them are debit.

Fact Sheet - Understanding the Chinese Visitor

For Chinese visitors to Australia, naturalness is a key drawcard – this includes our unspoilt natural environment, wildlife, produce and even Australians themselves and our lifestyle.

Fact Sheet - Superstition

Superstition is a key element in Chinese life and is much more than ladders or black cats.

Fact Sheet - Shopping

The number one spend area for Chinese visitors is shopping.

Fact Sheet - Sales and Marketing

You will have to adjust your sales material as highlights will be different for the Chinese visitor market. Make your message clear and simple.

Fact Sheet - Product Adjustment

Chinese visitors “do things differently” and they interact and engage with the product and experience in different ways.

Fact Sheet - Language

When providing written materials in English to Chinese visitors, use simple language, short sentences and international symbols where possible.

Fact Sheet - Knowing the Chinese Visitor

Whether you are a tourism operator or a retail business, you can enhance the Chinese visitors experience and interaction with you by understanding a few simple cultural elements.

Fact Sheet - Information Provision

Whilst the more mature Chinese visitors have an independent mindset, this does not necessarily translate to being able to travel independently.

Fact Sheet - Getting Started In China

Chinese visitors approach travel differently to people from western countries. They have different motivations and expectations.

Fact Sheet - Face

You may have heard the term Chinese “face”. It has many descriptions and definitions but in simple terms it is all about respect.

Fact Sheet - Eating & Drinking

Food is very important to Chinese visitors - it is a time to get together, enjoy, converse and they are often noisy.

Fact Sheet - Accommodation

Chinese visitors are used to structure and guidance in their lives, so tourism operators need to help them to engage with the product / experiences by providing information.