In response to the extraordinary challenges presented by COVID-19, the South Australian Government announced a $5.7 million support package in April 2020 to assist local tourism operators and partners to navigate through the early stages of the pandemic.  

The tourism support package encompassed five different programs each targeting a different need in the industry. It included two immediate financial support packages (applications for which are now closed) and the Resilience and Rebound Program. For more details on the support package, see our Tourism Response Portal here.

Details and resources of the Resilience and Rebound Program are available below.

Resilience and Rebound Program

Customer Engagement During Covid-19

While COVID-19 has restricted tourism across the world, you can use this time to evolve your business’ digital presence, and engage with customers from a distance. Existing customers should be reminded that you will still be there once travel restrictions are lifted, while new customers can still discover your business from their lounge room.

Fact sheet available for download here.

Video tutorial - Investing in your business during COVID-19
Video tutorial - Investing in your business during COVID-19

Investing in Your Business

How to access Government support packages to help business through the COVID-19 pandemic and position themselves to grow when situation approves.

Video tutorial available here.

Resilience and Rebound

Managing and Supporting Your Staff During Covid-19


For as long as the current phase of COVID-19 continues – with significant travel restrictions and social distancing rules – tourism businesses will be heavily impacted. Already, businesses have made decisions on how to reduce, redeploy or “hibernate” their workforce so they can emerge on the other side. New options are evolving each day as governments continue to roll out legislative change and financial support packages.

Fact sheet available for download here



Managing Your Cash Flow During Covid-19


Cash flow management should be an integral element of a businesses’ overall COVID-19 risk assessment and action planning in the near term. Cash is king for businesses during this period. There are many actions a business can implement to improve its immediate cash position.

Fact sheet available for download here

Video tutorial available for viewing here.



Navigating Your Way Through the Government Stimulus Package

The global COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on all of us. The purpose of this fact sheet is to give an overview of the immediate concessions and relief measures offered by Federal and State Government that are available to South Australian tourism businesses. It is designed to help you manage your business’ potential short-term cashflow challenges whilst planning for a better tomorrow in these challenging times.

Fact sheet available for download here.

Negotiating With Your Landlord or Tenant


Liquidity is a major issue for tourism businesses with most businesses unable to operate from their premises due to the lock-downs in place. As a result, businesses are considering what is our landlord strategy and how can we negotiate with them?

Fact sheet available for download here.



Working With Your Bank and Managing Liabilities

Many banks in Australia have been proactive in putting measures in place to support borrowers to get through the COVID-19 crisis. For those businesses that currently have debt or are considering borrowing, there are a number of issues that need to be considered.

Fact sheet available for download here



Webinars With Deloitte Presenters


Webinar 13 May - preparing to re-open

Run jointly by the South Australian Tourism Commission and Deloitte, the webinar considered the next steps for SA's tourism businesses to prepare to re-open their doors. South Australia's Deputy Chief Public Medical Officer Dr Chris Lease joined the session to discuss the latest health advice for South Australian travel and the easing of restrictions. 

Partners from Deloitte offered their perspectives on what businesses can be doing to prepare for customers, and the areas to consider to get businesses in the best shape and ready for the "new normal".

View the Preparing to Re-open webinar here.

Download the Small Business Roadmap for Recovery and Beyond here (or via the links at the bottom of this page), which was talked through during the webinar.


Webinar 16 April - responding to this time of crisis

Presenters from Deloitte, in partnership with the South Australian Tourism Commission, covered the tactical and practical activities available to South Australian businesses across the tourism and hospitality sectors, and what is needed to consider as you move from responding to this time of crisis to recovering. 

The session featured a facilitated panel with senior partners who are specialists in areas relating to managing your staff, cash flow, business continuity and finance targeted to the small tourism and hospitality sector businesses that are the backbone of our industries.

View the Responding to this Time of Crisis webinar here.

Resilience and Rebound Program - Downloads

See below resources for download

Small Business Road Map for Recovery and Beyond - Deloitte, May 2020

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