Expedition cruises for a domestic market

This summer, South Australia will welcome an exciting program of new expedition cruise itineraries to some of our state’s most unique and remote locations, as part of a safe and proven domestic cruising schedule.

Visiting expedition cruise ships will have all-intrastate itineraries and take domestic passengers to explore even more of South Australia, featuring destinations such as Tumby Bay and Flinders Island, as well as our more traditional cruise destinations of Port Lincoln.

Expedition cruises have been successfully and COVID-safely sailing around Australia, with Australian passengers, since October 2020.

It is welcome steps towards the full return of our cruise industry, with support from the South Australian Tourism Commission, SA Health, local government, and Regional Tourism Organisations.

Expedition cruising in SA 2021-22

    Tested & proven systems
    All intrastate itineraries
    Capped at 99 passengers
    Support of industry
    Approved by SA Health

Destinations as part of SA's 2021-22 cruise season



South Australia's 2021-22 cruise season

South Australia’s 2021-22 cruise season will see the continuation of expedition cruising by Australian cruise companies. It follows the successful resumption of cruising in South Australian waters in February 2021. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The scheduled cruise expedition vessels to visit our state this summer include Coral Expeditions' Coral Adventurer and North Star Cruises' True North.

All expedition vessels are managed by Australian companies and are permitted to operate in Australia, under the Australian Coastal Trading Act 2012. They have a capacity limit of 99 passengers per voyage.

All passengers will be Australian and capped at no more than 99 passengers onboard per voyage. They will need to meet entry requirements into South Australia, including any entry requirements in place in SA at the time.

The expedition cruising sector has in place industry-leading SailSafe Plans to ensure the health and wellbeing of passengers, crew and on-shore communities. The SailSafe Plans have tested and proven systems in place to create a safe travel bubble during each voyage. 

As mandated by State Government, all expedition vessels will be required to hold an SA Health approved COVID Management Plan. 

Australian flagged vessels operating with under 99 passengers – or other vessels approved to operate in Australia abiding with the Coastal Trading Act 2012 and carrying under 99 passengers – are permitted to operate in Australia. 

In order to enter South Australia, all crew are bound by any border restrictions in place in SA at the time of arrival.

International cruise ships capable of carrying 100 or more passengers are restricted from entering Australian waters. This legislation is currently in place until 17 February 2022. It follows the Federal Government announcement of a biosecurity emergency period under the Biosecurity Act 2015 on 15 March 2020. 


More information

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For consumer information about the upcoming cruise visits to SA, refer to:

Coral Expeditions
North Star Cruises – True North