Atdw Blog September 2018

Welcome to our monthly ATDW blog where we’ll share some ATDW tips and hints along with featuring a tourism operator each month. We’ll also share dates and locations of upcoming ATDW information sessions and the latest ATDW improvements and new features.
Whalers Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Whalers Bay, Eyre Peninsula

ATDW Tips to Maximise Your Listing

Here are three simple ways to make sure your listing meets the quality and assurance process.
  • Ensure your description has no website links or phone numbers
  • Draft listings will expire 30 days after you start your listing if you do not send the listing for review.
  • Does your accommodation or event have free wifi? Make sure to tick it in the internet access tab.

Next month we’ll have three more tips to help you get the most out of your listing, product, tour or event on ATDW.


New ATDW Features


This month we have released guidelines to help you with step by step instructions through an ATDW listing.

They can be found on the bottom of our ATDW support page here. Food and Drink and Attractions are the first two guidelines we have created. Stay tuned for the next ones.

In the near future, ATDW will have the following new features:

  • You can now upload multiple photos on Mobile.
  • The Tour Services menu has been reordered.
  • Reset password function has been improved.


Prohibition Liquor Co
Prohibition Liquor Co


Adelaide Festival Centre
Adelaide Festival Centre

Featured Operator

This months featured operator is the Adelaide Festival Centre which offers a diverse program of festival quality shows for a broad range of tastes and budgets throughout the year. The Adelaide Festival Centre was built in 1973 and opened three months before the Sydney Opera House.

The latest event to hit the Adelaide Festival Centre is the event “Our Mob and Our Young Mob.” This event is a showcase of Art by South Australian Aboriginal Artists.

Festival Centre


Meet Senior Exhibitions Curator: Charissa Davies

What is your favourite thing to do in South Australia?
Surfing. We have such beautiful pristine beaches here in SA.

What is a fun fact not many people know about you?
I can’t text and have a conversation with someone in person at the same time.

What do you love about ATDW?
It’s a great showcase of so many great “things to do” South Australia has to offer, not only for visitors to the state, but also locals. From an industry perspective it is really fostering a community base that can influence programming decisions, as well as identify opportunities for collaboration.


Charissa Davies
Charissa Davies


Extra Info

ATDW Information Sessions

Click here for the dates and locations of upcoming ATDW information sessions.

Need a Hand With Your ATDW Listing?

If you need help with your ATDW listing, head to our ATDW information page or alternatively you can contact SATC’s marketing officer and resident ATDW expert, Brooke Williams via email or call 08 7088 0114.