Atdw Blog October 2018

Welcome to our new monthly ATDW blog where we’ll share ATDW tips and feature a tourism operator each month. We’ll also share dates and locations of upcoming ATDW information sessions and the latest ATDW improvements and features.

New ATDW Features


This month we have released the accommodation guidelines to help you with step by step instructions through an ATDW accommodation listing.

They can be found on the bottom of our ATDW support page here. Stay tuned for the next ones!


Long Beach, Limestone Coast
Long Beach, Limestone Coast


Horse racing
The Races SA

Featured Operator

The Races SA represents, promotes and supports the State’s thoroughbred racing industry. Race events are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people evert tear from Mount Gambier in the South East to Roxby Downs in the Far North. The Races SA results in the employment of over 9000 individuals in South Australia.

The Races SA


Meet the Industry Marketing Manager of the Races Sa: Michelle Greene

What is your favourite thing to do in South Australia?
It is hard to narrow it down to one favourite thing. SA has so much to offer and so many great regions to explore. I do have a soft spot for the River Murray and love spending time at Mannum with family and friends; skiing during the day, grabbing a bite to eat at one of the local pubs and finishing the night with a nice sunset cruise along the river and drinks around the fire.
And of course (call me biased!) – country racing. Seeing local communities come together for some live horse racing action, trackside – it doesn’t get old.

What is a fun fact not many people know about you?
I love fishing and camping. SA is the perfect place to live when you love these things! There are so many beautiful places to camp and fish. Both are such inclusive hobbies with no age or gender limitations.

What do you love about ATDW?
ATDW complements my wanderlust personality! I like being able to keep up to date with the latest goings-on around South Australia and Australia. Short breaks are an essential part of our family lifestyle and I like being able to get inspiration for our holidays on ATDW.


Michelle Greene
Michelle Greene




Accessibility and Tourism

Passion and ambition has steered Clair Crowley to pioneer a niche market in inclusive travel, helping those living with disability to access travel and adventure experiences.

Inspired after a snowboarding accident left her husband a paraplegic, Clair, her husband Scott Crowley and friend Linda Anderson founded The Good Scout Travel Co. in 2017. The travel company closes the gap for accessible travel and brings more travel options to the accessible travel community.

Determined to use her family’s experiences to inform and facilitate change within the travel industry, Clair’s experience in not-for-profit and degree in Recreation Planning and Management with a tourism and events focus, provide an invaluable insight into influencing change.


Clair Crowley
Clair Crowley


ATDW and Accessibility

Highlighting accessible products and features within ATDW has been made so much easier for operators with improved reporting criteria.

Providing accurate information enables people to make decisions and maximises the opportunity for participation. Accessibility benefits so many members of our community, including our ageing population, families with prams, people with temporary injuries and people with disabilities.

We encourage tourism operators to add as much detail through the new fields that open under the section – ‘Actively welcomes people with access needs’. The checklists help you to understand some of the features that people with access needs are looking for. This information works in two ways, firstly as a tourism operation you can have more confidence in the accessible products and features you offer and secondly, it gives confidence to the traveller that you can met their needs.

Extra Info

Head to our ATDW information page or alternatively, you can contact the SATC's marketing officer and resident ATDW expert, Brooke Williams via email or call 08 7088 0114.