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ATDW Blog January 2019

Welcome to our monthly ATDW blog where we’ll share some ATDW tips and hints along with featuring a tourism operator each month. We’ll also share dates and locations of upcoming ATDW information sessions and the latest ATDW improvements and new features on

New Features has some key features due to go live at the end of January which will add to the user experience.

We will be displaying TripAdvisor ratings on ATDW listings.

We will also be including ECAL, an event calendar software which allows users to automatically add an event to their phone calendar straight from the ATDW listing on

Coorong National Park - Murray River, Lakes and Coorong
Coorong National Park - Murray River, Lakes and Coorong

Featured Operator

TreeClimb, Adelaide City Parklands CREDIT: TreeClimb Adelaide
TreeClimb, Adelaide City Parklands IMAGE CREDIT: TreeClimb Adelaide


TreeClimb is Adelaide's only nature based aerial adventure park! It offers seven elevated tree top courses - including zip lines - set within Kurrangga Park in the Adelaide City Park Lands.

Additional to the many adventure elements, an education trail has been integrated into the tree tops, giving all users a unique chance to learn about the history of Adelaide and the surrounding park lands.

Meet the General Manager of TreeClimb, Danni Robson

What is your favourite thing to do in South Australia?
Visiting the McLaren Vale Wine Region! I love driving out and enjoying the surrounds of the green landscape, vines and listening to soulful tunes on the way. It’s a great place to set up for the day on the grass at a beautiful winery to share a bottle of rose and a dip platter or to bounce from winery to winery to pick your favourite local drop!

What is a fun fact not many people know about you?
I volunteer at the RSPCA when I need a cat and dog cuddle fix. You can literally volunteer to just give the animals love and attention.

What do you love about ATDW?
The ATDW is a network which allows you to discover the wonderful world we live in. For those Sunday mornings that you’ve left unplanned and need an activity for the day, last minute, it is the perfect way to explore your local opportunities and adventures.

Danni Robson, General Manager, TreeClimb
Danni Robson, General Manager, TreeClimb


ATDW Records

In the 2017-18 financial year we accomplished 274,800 free ATDW leads* to operators via their listings.

So far this financial year we have accomplished 269,000 leads and we are looking at a new record for 2018-19.

In the week ending 5 January 2019 we received 15,514 ATDW leads for the entire week. This is our highest number of leads per week on record. 

To date, the top five products with the highest amount of ATDW Leads are:
*An ATDW Lead is when a visitor to views an ATDW listing then either:
  • Clicks out to the website
  • Calls the business
  • Emails the business
  • Clicks on the book now button.

Need a hand with your ATDW Listing?

Head to our ATDW information page or alternatively, you can contact the SATC's marketing officer and resident ATDW expert, Brooke Williams via email or call 08 7088 0114.