Research and Reports

The SATC provides a series of information and statistics to inform the tourism industry in South Australia. There is a wide range of market research and industry data available including tourism demand, tourism trends, regional profiles, accommodation supply and the economic impact of the industry.


South Australian Tourism Reports

The latest factsheets and snapshots of tourism in South Australia, including:

- international, domestic and regional visitation
- accommodation and
- economic impact

Regional Tourism Reports

Regional tourism provide information about South Australia's tourism regions and the state overall including visitation statistics, market structure, visitor profiles and influences. These reports are designed to assist those interested in tourism in the region and its further development and promotion.

Specialised Research

The South Australian Tourism Commission periodically conducts strategic research projects. Such reports are located here.

International Market Profiles

The International Market Profiles provide important market intelligence for each of South Australia's key international markets. Each profile includes visitor arrival statistics, market overview and insights, target markets profiles, key distribution partners and SATC contact details.

Other Resources

Visit the resources page, where you will find a range of information about the role of the South Australian Tourism Commission and useful resources to assist you with your projects and information search.

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