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Value of Tourism

Released: Quarterly

This fact sheet includes top level information which provides a snapshot of South Australia's position in the market.

Top points from the report:

  • In the year ending March 2017, visitor expenditure was $6.3 billion in South Australia.
  • In the 12 months ending March 2017, South Australian’s made 3.8 million visits within their own state, spending 10.7 million nights in South Australia.
  • Interstate markets generated 2.3 million visitors and 10.9 million visitor nights in South Australia.
  • South Australia attracted 436,000 international visitors and 10.6 million international visitor nights.
  • South Australia received around 6.5 million visitors and 32.3 million visitor nights.

$6.3 billion visitor economy
Results from IVS and NVS

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