SA’s premium food and wine to shine in Restaurant Australia campaign

29 May 2014

South Australia’s status as a world-leading premium food and wine destination will be highlighted in a new $10 million Tourism Australia campaign.

Restaurant Australia will promote to the world the idea that Australia is the ‘world’s greatest restaurant’ through advertising and social media campaigns in key international markets.

Tourism Minister Leon Bignell will join Tourism Australia’s Managing Director John O’Sullivan today for the local launch of the innovative campaign. Minister Bignell says Restaurant Australia presents a great promotional opportunity for South Australia.

“South Australia is the home of premium food and wine in Australia, and we know that great food and wine is an important consideration for international travellers when they’re making holiday plans,” he said.

“We not only have some of Australia’s best known wine regions, we also produce some of our country’s cleanest, greenest and safest food, and we have a diverse and thriving restaurant sector.

“For interstate and overseas guests there can be nothing better than having a meal of lobster on the back of a cray boat at Robe, or sitting at a table in a vineyard enjoying local food and wine that comes from the surrounding vines.

“So often we take for granted the great open spaces, clean seas and fertile agricultural lands here in South Australia. But for people who live in the tight confines of large high-rise cities like New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong, South Australia’s great outdoors provides the fanciest and most memorable restaurant in the world.

“The Restaurant Australia campaign gives us an opportunity to further consolidate our growing international reputation as a food and wine destination, especially through a dedicated online hub on the campaign’s website.

“South Australian restaurants, cafes, cellar doors, regional farmers’ markets and food trails, and food and wine producers can upload stories and information about their food and wine experiences to the hub, and those stores will be marketed to the world.

“Food and wine are already closely connected with tourism in South Australia, as highlighted through the State Government’s Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment strategic priority.

“We are well placed to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the Restaurant Australia campaign,” said Minister Bignell.

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