SA celebrates another mass event with Club Crew Championships

01 April 2016

Minister Leon Bignell
Minister for Tourism

More than 6000 people from around the world will inject more than $4 million into the State’s visitor economy this week.

The 10th Club Crew World Championships begin today - celebrating the first time Australia has hosted the international dragon boat event.

Minister for Tourism Leon Bignell said more than 50 million people take part in dragon boating worldwide and the 2016 Club Crew World Championships at West Lakes would be live streamed to millions of viewers around the globe.

“Visitors from China, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Germany, Malaysia and the UK - are in South Australia for the Dragons Down Under event which includes back-to-back national, Asian and world championships,” he said.

“The World Championships round out more than a week of events with the Australian Dragon Boat Federation also hosting the national championships at Easter and then the Asian Championships earlier this week.

“The Australian Dragon Boat Federation believe it is the first time three major championships have been held back-to-back in the same city and venue.”

Mr Bignell said South Australia excels at putting on mass participation events.

“Since late last year we have hosted the Pacific School Games which attracted 8900 participants, along with the Australian Masters Games (10,000 participants) and the Duathlon World Championships (1500 athletes). Right now we are also hosting the Australian Age Swimming Championships with 1700 participants at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

“We are also expecting more than 500 participants for the Australian Swimming Championships next week.

“These events have a huge impact on our hotel industry, taxis, restaurants and small businesses and pump millions of dollars into our visitor economy.

“In this year's Budget, the State Government committed an additional $35 million over two years to market South Australia nationally and internationally and to attract major events and conferences. The visitor economy is worth $5.6 billion to our state - up 7.9 per cent on the previous year - and our goal is for it to reach $8 billion by 2020.

The Championships run from today until April 7. For more information visit:

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