New gangway project to boost booming cruise ship industry

24 July 2013

More tourists will start and finish their cruises in Adelaide and be able to spend more time in the city, with the construction of a second gangway at the Port Adelaide passenger terminal.

The State Government has provided $170,000 for the construction of the new gangway to cater for South Australia’s booming cruise ship industry.

Tourism Minister Leon Bignell today told State Parliament that it will give large ships more capacity to use Port Adelaide as their ‘home port’, allowing them to run cruises to and from Adelaide, and disembark more passengers more quickly.

He said it would be the first time large cruise ships – with capacity to carry more than 1000 passengers – have used Adelaide to home port.

“The new gangway means the P&O Pacific Pearl and Pacific Jewel will be able to use Adelaide as their home port from 2014, offering visits to the regional ports of Robe, Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island,” Mr Bignell said.

“This means more tourists will start and finish their cruises in Adelaide, giving them more time in our state.

“The new gangway will cater for large - home-porting ships - it will also be available for all cruise ships berthed at the Port Adelaide Passenger Terminal.

“They can use it simultaneously with the existing hydraulic gangway to disembark passengers, getting them onshore quicker and giving them more time to explore our state and contribute to the local economy.”

The second gangway at the terminal is expected to be finished by November, in time for the start of the 2013/14 cruise ship season.

There will be 31 visits from 14 cruise ships this season, bringing an estimated 69,000 passengers and crew. This more than triples the 2007/08 cruise ship season, when South Australia received eight visits.

For the 2014/15 season (September 2014 – May 2015), 37 visits from 15 cruise ships have already been scheduled, bringing an estimated 100,000 passengers and crew.

“This means the Government’s goal to attract 30 ships and $11 million in passenger expenditure by 2014 has already been exceeded and we are well on our way to our 2020 goal of attracting 43 ships and $17 million of passenger spending,” Mr Bignell.

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