Clipsal 500, AFL and World Cup Cricket – huge economic benefits for South Australia

16 June 2015

Minister Leon Bignell
Minister for Tourism

The 2015 Clipsal 500 generated a record $60.6 million for the South Australian economy and created 440 full-time equivalent jobs.

Tourism Minister Leon Bignell said this year’s event was a huge success and was attended by 285,000 fans - a 4.3 per cent increase on 2014.

“This was the third largest overall crowd attendance in the event’s 17 year history, and second highest Sunday attendance ever of 93,600,” Mr Bignell said.

“More than 12,900 people travelled from interstate and overseas with Adelaide’s hotels and motels recording 67,597 visitor bed nights.

“The State Government is extremely committed to creating a vibrant city and to making events such as Clipsal, AFL and World Cup Cricket easily accessible to fans,” Mr Bignell said

“The India vs Pakistan game generated the highest ever daily revenue outside of Clipsal and both the night before and the night of the game recorded the highest room revenue ever.

“AFL at Adelaide Oval is also proving to be a major game changer for the city’s hotel industry – with winter weekend occupancy rates almost doubling.

“New STR Global Accommodation data for Adelaide shows football in the city has generated significant increases in revenue for the hotel industry,” Mr Bignell said.

“The 2014 AFL season resulted in a 26 percent increase in hotel revenue on the night of AFL games compared to the previous season.

“The 2015 AFL season has had a very strong start with an additional 28 percent increase in hotel revenue on game nights in April 2015. Compared to April 2013, hotel revenue is up 53 per cent.

“These figures highlight the impact the revamped Adelaide Oval is having for South Australia.

The growing vibrancy of the city has also seen strong investment interest in Adelaide with four hotels built in the CBD since 2013 - Ibis Adelaide, Mayfair Hotel, Quest King William South, Quest on Franklin and the Watson Art Series Hotel in Walkerville, with a total room number of 787.

Last week Mr Bignell announced the Aloft Adelaide will be built on Sturt St as part of the $300 million New Mayfield Project. Aloft Adelaide is one of five developments announced already this year for the Adelaide CBD. The number of beds in these is 1085.

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