CheeseFest on the menu this weekend

23 October 2015

Minister Leon Bignell
Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

Cheese lovers will be out in force from tonight helping the nation’s biggest cheese festival
celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Wine Leon Bignell said CheeseFest was one of our most
loved food festivals.

“This event has gone from strength to strength and is now nationally recognised, showcasing
South Australia’s world class cheese, food, wine, beer and ciders,” Mr Bignell said.

Last year 20,000 people flocked to Rymill Park - 5000 more than the year before.

“This year, to mark its tenth anniversary, CheeseFest will be held tonight as well as the
weekend,” he said.

“CheeseFest gives visitors the chance to sample the best of what our local producers have to
offer. Half of the 30 cheesemakers taking part are from South Australia.”

Vale Brewing is the event’s naming rights sponsor and there will be masterclasses by head
brewer Jeff Wright throughout the Festival.

CheeseFest director Kris Lloyd said more than 100 different styles of cheeses would be on

“We will have everything here including goat, cow, buffalo and sheep milk varieties,” she said.

“It is the perfect venue to broaden the palate.

“This year we have also collaborated with Tasting Australia and there will be an exclusive
Tasting Australia gold pass on offer for one lucky patron,” Ms Lloyd said.

“Of course there are also the now well established favourites such as the Tuckers Natural
Picnic Trial, which for $60 equips cheese lovers with everything they need to enable them to
explore, taste, relax and enjoy the event, including a half price admission ticket along with the
much loved CheeseFest Cows which will be at CheeseFest as a part of a silent auction.

A total of nine painted cows are available this year including one from artist Emma Hack.

CheeseFest will be held at Rymill Park from tonight.

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