Industry Resources and Tools

The South Australian Tourism Commission’s Industry Tools and Resources are a series of information fact sheets designed to provide our tourism industry with practical advice and resources that will assist in building the business capabilities of our tourism operators and help them in making informed and strategic decisions that will lead to increased visitation and visitor expenditure.

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Use these tools to grow your business. Tools range from “Why Pay Commission” to “Social Media Hints and Tips”.

PR resources

Download course materials from the online PR workshops the SATC ran for tourism operators during February to May 2017:

Workshop 1 – Working with the media

Workshop video summary
Presentation slides
Handout - Twitter 101
Handout - News values

Workshop 2 - Writing for the media

Workshop video summary
Presentation slides
Handout - Media releases
Handout - Online writing

Workshop 3 - Online PR and your reputation

Workshop video summary
Presentation slides
Handout - Online reviews

Workshop 4 - Managing issues and crises

Workshop video summary
Presentation slides
Handout - Crisis management

2017-18 Ashes Series in Adelaide - Making the most of the opportunity

The 2017 Ashes Test Match in Adelaide will be a mass visitation event and a great opportunity for the South Australian tourism industry to get involved and benefit from. We have produced a booklet containing information for the South Australian tourism industry on how to make the most of the opportunity of the 2017 Ashes Test Match in Adelaide. You can read it here.  

Getting started in tourism

If you are starting a new tourism business, the Getting started in tourism checklist will assist you to take some of the necessary steps to get established.

Working with the South Australian Tourism Commission

There are many ways you can connect with the South Australian Tourism Commission to benefit from our campaign activity, research, market data and more to grow your tourism business.

The Working with the South Australian Tourism Commission checklist has many suggestions.

Why pay commission

The Why pay commission fact sheet will explain the benefits of paying commission as a method of payment to distribution partners to introduce your produce to new customers. Learn how to incorporate the right amount of commission in your prices and how much money you make if you pay commission on a sale.

Rate sheet templates

Download these examples of rate sheets which have a clear and easy to read format. Templates are available for Accommodation, Attraction and Tour.

Develop your own rate sheet, and then distribute it to the key distribution partners who sell your product.

Interactive tourism product pricing calculator

The helpful Interactive tourism product pricing calculator tool assists businesses to calculate the market or gross price of their tourism product.

The tool assists businesses to set up a sustainable pricing structure by incorporate all fixed; variable; profit margin; average commission and GST costs into their product pricing.

Sell Your Tourism Product PDF Guide

Learn how to sell your tourism product (accommodation, tour, experience, activity, attraction) through the travel distribution system to both domestic and international customers with our downloadable Sell Your Tourism Product PDF Guide. The guide covers commission levels and the role of retail travel agents, wholesalers, inbound tour operators and online travel agents (collectively known as travel distributors) who can further promote and sell your business through the travel distribution system. Look out for the checklist on page three of this tool for practical advice on the rights steps to take to sell your tourism product. 

Tourism Export Toolkit

To be successful in the export tourism industry, it is important to understand the roles of Inbound Tour Operators, International Wholesalers, Retail Travel Agents and other partners in the international travel distribution system. You will need to identify key partners and establish and maintain relationships with them over a long period of time. Your product price structure should also support the commission levels required by your partners in the distribution system.

The Tourism Export Toolkit (TExT) is an introductory guide to inbound tourism in Australia. This toolkit has been produced by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) in partnership with Tourism Australia, and the State and Territory Tourism Offices.

This toolkit contains advice on how to:
  • Understand the travel distribution system and its rate structure;
  • Research international markets to establish who will use your products;
  • Recognise the different travel styles of inbound travellers;
  • Develop a marketing plan to target international visitors through a range of mediums and distribution channels; and
  • Seek advice from your local, regional and state tourism office.  

Creating a tourism package

This is a step by step guide on how to create an effective tourism package. The Creating a tourism package guide will assist you to plan your package and its inclusions based on the needs of your target market and plan targeted promotion to maximise sales.

Attending Trade events

Trade events are a forum to meet key distribution partners and develop or enhance business relationships. The Attending Trade events guide provides an overview the range of trade events offered, benefits of attending events and useful strategies and tips to ensure that you maximise the return on your investment.

Social Media hints and tips

Social media has become a very powerful and inexpensive medium to promote your business. The Social Media hints and tips guide will help you understand how to market your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Are you cruise ready?

The cruise industry in South Australia is a key economic driver for tourism in the state and there are many opportunities for tourism operators to capitalise on this growing opportunity. Through the Cruise ready checklist you will learn about what is required to work with an inbound tour operator to be involved in a cruise line shore excursion program.

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