How to Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship as a communication vehicle is experiencing rapid growth. Over the past decade sponsorship growth has continually outstripped growth in traditional media - both in Australia and globally.

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Events South Australia establishes partnerships with corporations which have similar business values and which complement our owned and sponsored events. Corporations with an environmental conscience, strong community values, ingrained vibrancy and teamwork skills are highly sought-after.

Why Sponsor?

Academic and business literature has identified a number of benefits of sponsorship that are driving global growth of this communication medium:

(a) Media Fragmentation

• Consumers spend less time consuming traditional media due to the effects of technology (internet and video games) and out-of-home entertainment.
• Particularly over certain times of the year (summer months) and for certain demographics (18 – 39-year-olds) traditional media is becoming less efficient at capturing consumers' attention;.
• Sponsorship of lifestyle events and sports engage consumers outside the reach of traditional media.

(b) Image Attribution

• Sponsorship is effectively a third party endorsement of sponsors' products.
• Consumers have a pre-existing image and relationship with the sponsorship property that the sponsor seeks to transfer on to their own brand.

(c) Competitive advantage

• Sponsorship offers exclusivity by product category, therefore is a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

(d) Higher Order Communication

• The 30 second television advertisement can only communicate a minimal amount, raising awareness of a brand and perhaps one message outside this.
• Consumers have an emotional involvement in sponsorship properties that enable the sponsor to achieve higher order communication goals.
• Consumer responses of trust, commitment and advocacy can be achieved through sponsorship.

(e) Campaign Effect

• Sponsorship can bring a traditional campaign to life in the consumers' environment, adding incremental return to a traditional media investment.

Why Sponsor Events?

In addition to the above benefits, events provide the opportunity for a sponsor to create a "branded experience". If congruent with the event and consumer needs, the "branded experience" can not only communicate an image for the brand, it can engage consumers directly and enhance the overall experience of the event.

Why an Events South Australia Sponsorship?

Events South Australia is proud to manage a diverse range of events that offer unique opportunities for sponsors.

For more information see the Events we Manage page.

Events South Australia would also like to thank all current sponsors for their valuable support of our events.

For more information regarding sponsorship contact the Sponsorship Development Manager on +61 8 8463  4713 or

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