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Events South Australia is committed to growing the South Australian events industry and provides support to South Australian events beyond sponsorship funding.

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Events South Australia has a range of useful industry contacts and free promotional opportunities available for all South Australian events.

Useful contacts

When planning your next event or festival you will need the support of a number of stakeholders. We have compiled a list of useful contacts within South Australia to point you in the right direction:

Local Government Association - find out who your local council representatives are 

Office for Recreation and Sport - a wide range of South Australian sporting and recreational venues 

Arts SA – for information on funding and additional networking opportunities for arts events.

Regional Tourism Managers – find out more about the tourism landscape in your event’s region through the appropriate contact person. 

South Australian Tourism Industry Council – sign up for further training and networking opportunities, as well as the ability to further your event through accreditation, certification and award programs.

Emergency Services Major Event Coordination Committee (ESMECC) - for guidance and advice with evaluating event risk in relation to public safety. Please request an opportunity to present at a monthly meeting by liaising with the Committee’s Chair, Brian Mattner

Documents and templates

An essential component of planning any event is documentation.

We have compiled some templates and guidelines to get you started:

Business plan template

Marketing and communications plan

Operations and risk management plan

Environmental planning

What is an event package? 

Some other key documents to consider when planning for and defining an event are listed below. These documents should be structured in a way that all of the event organisation can read them and should be available for reference at all times.

• Event budget

• Project plan

• Event manual

• Post event reports

For additional resources and information that you may find useful when planning for your event, refer to the Research & Reports section of this website. 

Recent documents of particular interest include a research paper which focuses on the Impact of Regional Events, as well as a Social Media e-toolkit.

The Tourism Research Australia website also houses some useful information such as regional visitor statistics.

Event promotion

The South Australian Tourism Commission is able to assist an event with free promotion in a variety of ways.

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is a central storage and distribution facility for Australian tourism products and destinations which is accessed by numerous key tourism websites. Listings for events which meet ATDW's eligibility criteria are free. For more information and to register view the ATDW page.

Events listed through ATDW appear on the SATC’s website, southaustralia.com, and will have increased visibility throughout the SATC’s various communication streams.


The South Australian Tourism Commission’s Media Gallery is an online resource available to media and the travel industry for use in the promotion of South Australia as a destination.

The Media Gallery houses more than 15,000 items including photographs, video footage, editorial and maps, all of which can be viewed, ordered and downloaded online once registration has been accepted. For more information view the Media Gallery page.

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